Icon Type/Language Name Description Post/Download
sidescroller game icon Side Scroller/Java The amazing Adventures of Stickman through the Galaxy – in a Bubble! In this free side-scroller game the player jumps, rolls, swims and even flies through a lovely designed world. He must avoid falling in pits as well as being shot by canons while he tries to make it to the finish line. Download Side Scroller
memory game icon Classic/Android Petmory – Memory for Android This is a free memory game for Android for young and old alike featuring cards displaying images of cute animals. Download Memory Game for Android
mill icon Board Game/Java Mill (incl AI /w alpha-beta pruning) Mill is a two person board game. The goal is to remove the stones of the enemy from the board while keeping once own stones on the board. Download Mill
breakout game Arcade Game/Java Breakout Play the game Breakout online or download it. Destroy bricks, bounce balls, have fun with this awesome clone of the classic arcade game. Download Breakout (PC and Android)
apes game icon physics game/Java Apes throw bananas The player controls an ape. His goal is to hit an enemy ape with bananas. Download Apes
snake game icon classic arcade/Java Snake Stay away from the wall while eating goodies and growing. Download PC Game Download Android Game
connect4 game icon Board Game/Java Connect Four (incl AI /w mini-max) Everybody knows it, everybody loves it: Connect 4. Place your stones so that they connect in a row of 4 pieces diagonally, horizontally or vertically and win. Download Connect4
javascript tron game screen classic arcade/Javascript Tron Game Clone Play a clone of the classic arcade game tron written in javascript online. Play Tron Online JavaScript Source Code
javascript blackjack game card game/Javascript Blackjack card game Play blackjack online! Including a blackjack trainer to learn basic strategy and other help for beginning blackjack players. Play Blackjack Online Javascript Blackjack Source Code
javascript game of life cellular automaton/Javascript Conway’s Game of Life Conway’s Game of Life is a cellular automaton. Set up an initial state and see how it develops. Javascript Game Of Life

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