The amazing Adventures of Stickman through the Galaxy – in a Bubble!

Description of Java SideScroller Game

This is a Jump n Run Game / sidescroller game written in Java.

In this game, the player jumps, rolls, swims and even flies through a lovely designed world. He must avoid falling in pits as well as being shot by canons while he tries to make it to the finish line.

Apart from the goal of just making a level, the player can collect items and special bonuses to climb to the top of the high score.

System Requirements / Performance info

Java must be installed, other than that, there should not be any problem running this game. If the game lags turn off the logging in the setting.

General Info on Java Game and Source Code


In parts, the source could be cleaner, but I especially apologies for the current state of the data dir. I plan on cleaning it up at some point.


The source code is open and also contained in the zip files.


The game logs the position of the death of the player, the position of the player in fixed intervals as well as the time a player needs to finish a level.

These information are not sent over the network, they are saved in the files in the log directory.

I would be glad if anyone who plays this game sends me those files. If you do not plan on doing this, you may turn off the logging, as they may lower the performance of the game and especially the position log may take up too much disc space after a long time of playing.

Download Side Scroller Game

lwjgl [1.59 MB]

Download Side-Scroller Game v0.2.6 [1.63 MB]

Download Side-Scroller Game v0.5 [4.39 MB]

The main difference between 0.2.6 and 0.5 is in the view (of the player), the control as well as internal code changes.

You will need the file for both versions.

If you want to run the game with the start .sh or .bash unzip it in the same directory as you unzipped the game file.

Otherwise unzip the game anywhere and place the contained files anywhere you like, only remember to adjust Djava.library.path argument when running the jar.

Screenshots of Game

Videos (youtube):
Side-Scroller Game v0.2.6 [Video]
Side-Scroller Game v0.5 Part 1 [Video, increased speed]
Side-Scroller Game v0.5 Part 2 [Video]

Thanks go out to the developers of slick2d.

If somebody would like to contribute (test players as well as a graphics expert are more than welcome), contact me.

I’d like to hear which version you prefer (and why), what you do not like, bug reports, and of course the log files (to improve difficulty/flow of the levels).