Apes throw Bananas – An addictive casual game


The player controls an ape. His goal is to hit an enemy ape with bananas.

I wrote this game mainly to get to know slick2d, so do not expect too much. Especially the enemy ai is weak and graphics are unfinished.

I think it is fun to play anyways, so who knows, you might like it as well.

What you get:

  • 9 level
  • Playable with mouse OR keyboard
  • You get to throw bananas at apes!

System Requirements / Performance info

Java must be installed, other than that, there should not be any problem running this game.

General Info 


In parts, the source could be cleaner, but I especially apologies for the current state of the data dir. I plan on cleaning it up at some point.


The source code is open and also contained in the zip files.


lwjgl [1.59 MB]

apes game [3.18 MB]

You will need the lwjgl.zip to run the game.

If you want to run the game with the start .sh or .bash unzip it in the same directory as you unzipped the game file.

Otherwise unzip in anywhere  and place the contained files anywhere you like, only remember to adjust Djava.library.path argument when running the jar.


Most of these are taken in debug mode. On default, debug is turned off, so you will not get to see those nice white and red lines (although you can always change the settings in the settings file).

screenshot of apes game

screen of apes game

screen of apes game

screen of apes game


Thanks go out to the developers of slick2d.