Java Function Passing

In Java, passing a function as parameter is not directly supported because no constructs like lambda exist in the Java programming language (they do since Java 8, see the last section). But there are alternatives, and in this post I will describe some of them. Java Function passing using Interfaces / Strategy Pattern Using Template Method Pattern Think about alternatives for passing functions Using Lambda to pass a function in Java Interfaces / Strategy Pattern With an interface, it is possible to mimic function passing in Java.

When and How to improve Java performance

When to increase performance (and when not to) General tips to Improve Performance of Java Code Increase Java performance in big loops Netbeans Profiler Further Reading When to increase performance (and when not to) Most of the time, there is a trade-off: You can either have fast code, or you can have clean code. And most of the time, clean code is more important. but there are cases when speed actually matters and one is willing” to sacrifice quality and maintainability of the code for an performance increase.

WordPress: Html language meta tag depending on post language

Setting the html language meta tag and/or lang tag is important for search engines like Google and increases Web accessibility. WordPress does not set the language meta tag, and the html lang tag is only set by some WordPress themes. It is easy to set these, so I suggest you do it. If you have the All in one SEO plugin installed, you can define the language meta tag for all posts, pages and home in the settings.

Using SVN Apache Subversion command line tool

This tutorial will cover the absolute basics of using the Apache Subversion command line tool. It is aimed at people who are using svn for the first time or who have used guis for svn before but are considering using the command line tool from now on. Why use apache subversion command line tool My memory is not too great, so I try to avoid using command line tools (it is quite annoying having to look up every other command in the help pages).

Netbeans vs Eclipse: An IDE comparison

VS Intro In this post I will compare the two popular IDEs Eclipse and Netbeans and share with you which one works best for me and why that is. I will be using the Versions Indigo and 7.0.1. All in all, they are quite similar. They both make programming easier by providing auto-complete and auto-insert code options, easy overview over program structure, nice refactoring options, debugging, and so forth.

Android Snake Game: Source Code and Development

This is the second part of the series “Snake with different Guis” in which I will describe the port of the Snake game to the Android platform. The first part was Java Swing: Snake with different Guis”. General Structure of Android game Gui with Android Input Source Code Screenshots Download Android Snake Game (Source Code attached) This is the first time I developed an Android application, so there are still some weaknesses in the code, but all in all it works.

Mill – the board game – including an AI using Alpha-beta pruning (Java)

General Description of Mill Game Notes on code quality Notes on Mill AI Alpha-beta pruning in a nutshell Screenshots Download Mill Game and Java Source Code Thanks General Description of Mill Game Mill is a two person board game. The goal is to remove the stones of the enemy from the board while keeping once own stones on the board. This is done by producing a line of three stones by moving the stones across the board.

Java Swing: Snake with different Guis

This is the first part of a Series about different Guis and how to implement them. To demonstrate the game Snake will be used. In this part I will show the development process of a Java Game using Java Swing.

The planned parts of this Series:

– Swing

– Android

I will start with Swing.

Java List Efficiency

Java List efficiency I found this nice cheat sheet for Java collections. As you can see, ArrayList is most efficient when doing lots of adding and reading to/from a list. This is because an ArrayList allows for direct access, while the implementation of a LinkedList does not allow this. If possible (that is if you do not need the methods provided by a specific list implementation), a list should always be declared via its interface (as this enables to easily adjust the program):