Java Heatmap (Example Code)

Heatmap General Description Usage Java Heatmap Example Heatmaps Download Java Heatmap Example Implementation Heatmap General Description A heatmap is a visual representation of a list of points. This is handy in a lot of situations. If you want to quickly analyze a log you created of positions players died in a game, positions your users clicked on your website, etc. Basically anywhere where the log of points is generated from something visual.

Path finding using A Star Algorithm: Java Example

With the A Star search algorithm it is possible to find the shortest path from one point to another on a map (while respecting fields that may not be walkable or that may slow down the movement). If your goal is not to find the path to one concrete point but to find the closed point that fulfills some condition, you should use Dijkstra’s algorithm instead. I will not describe the A*-algorithm in depth on my page as it is already done quite well here: Description of A Star or you can go to the A Star Wikipedia for a short overview.

Apes throw bananas

Apes throw Bananas – An addictive casual game


The player controls an ape. His goal is to hit an enemy ape with bananas.

I wrote this game mainly to get to know slick2d, so do not expect too much. Especially the enemy ai is weak and graphics are unfinished.

I think it is fun to play anyways, so who knows, you might like it as well.

What you get:

  • 9 level
  • Playable with mouse OR keyboard
  • You get to throw bananas at apes!

Java Side Scroller Jump n Run Game (with Source Code)

The amazing Adventures of Stickman through the Galaxy – in a Bubble! Description of Java SideScroller Game System Requirements / Performance info General Info on Java Game and Source Code Download Side Scroller Game Screenshots of Game Thanks Description of Java SideScroller Game This is a Jump n Run Game / sidescroller game written in Java. In this game, the player jumps, rolls, swims and even flies through a lovely designed world.